A Quick Guide to the Best Light Good Vehicles

Light-good vehicles (LGVs) are good for any small business since they offer convenience and high functionality. They are ideal for faster transportation with fewer vehicle restrictions, allowing them to carry goods or passengers efficiently.

Purchasing a vehicle is good for long-term use, while renting vans or pickup trucks is affordable, flexible, and requires lesser maintenance. The right kind of vehicle depends on the business’s needs – light trucks are perfect for large deliveries, while vans are great for transporting passengers, equipment, and other types of cargo.

Below are some of the best LGV choices for any small business:

Nissan NV350

This passenger van can be used for commercial purposes, especially deliveries. It features a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, ample space for carrying goods, and a large back cabin with a wide door opening to accommodate various loads. Its front radiator grille is both for style and function – the lower part is designed with blades that produce smooth airflow for a great ride.

It also has good headroom and legroom that can accommodate about 15 to 18 passengers. The folding seats allow for quick and easy transformation from cargo mode to passenger mode and vice versa. The three-seater cargo version of this model is perfect for handling large loads.

Toyota HiAce Commuter

This reliable van features a minimalist, sleek style that makes your business look presentable anywhere. Considered a staple in transport industries, it’s a great choice for shuttling passengers in resorts, hotels, or airports due to its spacious 15-seating capacity and comfortable cabin.

Its safety features include front and side door impact beams, passenger and driver airbags, child safety locks, parking, and crash sensors, and more. With a four-cylinder diesel engine, it can reach about 12.5 km/l.

The HiAce is considered one of the most affordable commercial vehicles with a flexible design, allowing business owners to easily convert it from passenger use to transporting cargo.

Renault Kangoo

This van is perfect for commercial use due to its large cabin, efficient 1.5-liter diesel engine, and good load-managing features. It’s available with a load-through hatch, swiveling bulkhead, or multi-position bulkhead. Standard safety features include remote locking, deadlocks, and the Renault Anti Intruder Device (RAID).

Due to its reliability, practicality, and style, the Renault Kangoo is perfect for delivery services as it can transport large packages safely. It features a sliding door that allows easier access and asymmetrical back doors, making loading and unloading convenient.

Additional features include a plastic floor fitting to protect the interior, a tow bar for extra cargo, roof racks to maximize its capacity, and fog lights for safe driving.

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Nissan Cabstar

The Nissan Cabstar is perfect for transporting heavy cargo with a gross payload of approximately 1,300 kg. It allows for easier loading and unloading through the tipper option or dropping the sides to gain access.

Its 2.5-liter engine has low noise and features an improved gearbox, 360-degree views from the driver’s position, and a rear-wheel drive. It comes with standard safety features like a driver-side airbag, an anti-lock braking system, and pre-tensioner seat belts.

Toyota LiteAce Truck

This fuel-efficient commercial truck features an easy-to-move steering wheel and well-aligned seats to make drivers comfortable in long rides. It has a 2-liter, four-cylinder engine and spacious truck bed to hold enough cargo.

This can be your go-to commercial vehicle as it offers convenience in loading and unloading goods. Its compact body and high-loading capacity make it versatile for various businesses. Its safety features like an anti-theft system, wireless door lock remote, and seat belt warning light give a business owner peace of mind.

Hyundai Grand Starex

For reliability, comfort, and functionality, the Hyundai Grand Starex is perfect for your business needs. It features a spacious interior and allows seating for 10 to 12 people. Its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivers excellent performance while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Aside from storing a wide range of equipment in the spacious interior, the multipurpose seats can be reclined or tipped up to allow flexible seating arrangements. Enhanced safety features include an airbag system, powerful disc brakes, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), and ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System).

In choosing the most suitable vehicle for a small business, some important factors to consider are meeting all branding requirements and causing the least financial stress. Some may prioritize fuel economy, while others go for cargo space and reliability.

Regardless of priorities, it’s important to secure a vehicle that will last a long time as it is a practical business asset that shows the projection of a company.

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