Affordable Housing Alternatives to Consider

Buying a house is an incredible milestone in most people’s lives. However, that dream seems to be slipping away for many people these days as housing prices continue to soar with no signs of stopping. Not only is it expensive to purchase a home, but it’s also even more expensive to continuously maintain and repair it. Thankfully, there are some low-cost alternatives you can consider if a house is way out of your budget. Take your pick from one of these affordable housing options if you need a roof over your head, but can’t afford to buy a house.


RV white

An RV is not only a great place to live, but it’s also a great vehicle to travel with. This is an incredibly cheap and interesting place to live in if you’re the kind of person who likes compact spaces and traveling. You can save even more money by purchasing one from any of the reputable RV dealers in Missouri.

Most RVs have everything you need that can be found in a regular home. For example, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom. There are also some perks you can choose to have installed for a fee, such as a TV. You’ll be able to park your RV in one of the many campsites and parks around the country for a small fee.

Housing Cooperatives

Housing cooperatives involves a group of residents who jointly own and manage their property. Each individual acts as a shareholder, rather than owning their own units outright. This method involves pooling your resources together to save on both purchase costs and monthly expenses.

Co-ops are much less expensive than simply purchasing an apartment since you’ll be operating it by collecting money from each of the residents in order to pay off outstanding bills. This is also a great way to meet new people and build trusting relationships. Everyone has to do their own part to take care of landscaping, setting, and maintenance duties.


The tiny home movement has been becoming increasingly popular for aspiring homeowners on a tight budget. These extremely small living spaces are a great alternative to houses since you’ll basically be getting all the convenience of a regular home in a compact and more affordable package. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly one. These homes create a smaller carbon footprint. They can also offer you greater financial and physical freedom, especially if you choose a unit with wheels. Wheeled micro-homes can take up space at a lot that can’t fit larger houses.

Work Trade

A work-trade set-up requires to offer your skills and services in exchange for a place to live. These services may include anything from house-sitting to elder-care and pet-sitting to gardening.

You essentially won’t be paying rent with money, but with your time and effort instead. These operations are usually found in rural areas, but you can find it in some cities and suburban areas, as well. There’s always someone on the look-out for anyone with specialized skills, so you’re bound to find something that suits your abilities.

As both the national rent average and average cost of a home continue to rise year after year, it’s understandable if purchasing a house is out of the question for you. Alternative housing presents a low-cost yet practical place to live instead.

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