Bought a Brand-new Audi? Here’s What You Should Know

Driving out of the car showroom with a brand-new car is one of the most memorable feelings in life. You feel all eyes on you. Everything works smoothly, and the hum of the powerful engine makes you feel alive. It is a special moment, but to make the good feeling of having a beautifully flawless car last, here are some things that you must keep in mind:

1. Enjoy the sleek look of Audi.

Some of the best features of an Audi car include its stability and reliability on the consumer car market. The inside of the car is well-designed for maximum comfort, and this is one of the reasons the car appeals to consumers. It is not only good for your everyday comfort, and the sleek look is not just for show. The interior is designed ergonomically for comfort during long rides. It is the right vehicle to take on a cross-country trip.

2. Make use of high-tech gadgets.

Make use of this fact when you get your new car, and set up your in-car infotainment system to your service. Get familiarised with all the features this car has to offer. Some of the coolest things that you can do with the infotainment system includes being able to view a virtual cockpit, a multimedia interface (MMI) that allows you to control everything with touch, and an in-car hotspot. The virtual cockpit is a great inclusion for those who like to drive their cars in sports mode as it shows different performance indicators such as torque. Make sure to regularly upgrade your software for the best performance.

car driving along a curved road

3. Break in your engine.

One of the rookie mistakes that people who have just bought brand-new cars make is going straight to driving them hard. This is not a good idea. Factory-made engines need to be broken in slowly, according to almost all big performance car companies. Don’t hit the road for your dream road trip as soon as you get your new car. You should drive it for about 30 miles an hour or so every day for the first few weeks. Unless, of course, it has already been broken in by factory technicians, which is rare.

4. Carry out regular servicing.

After you buy a brand-new car, everything might be going real smooth, and you might think that there is no need to stop by at the mechanic’s. But even brand-new cars should be serviced once a year, according to manufacturers. Do not service your car at just any auto shop; a brand-new car must be taken care of. Make sure to go to an Audi service centre to get the best quality work done and to be able to make use of any offers you might have on your purchase.

Owning an Audi is a privilege and pleasure. With good care, you will get to enjoy your car for years to come. There are few feelings in life that compare to zooming down the road in your brand-new car.

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