Car Camping: How to Prep Your Vehicle for an Adventure

You have your bags packed and ready to go. You have figured out your route and your destination. However, is your vehicle prepared to go on an adventure? Before you head out the door, here are some things that you need to consider to make your camping trip a success:

Pick the Right Vehicle

Not all vehicles are the same. Most cars are made to be driven in smooth roads within cities. Some, however, are built to face any kind of terrain.

Ideally, a roving vehicle (or RV) is for campers who might not want to sleep on the ground. However, for those who do not have nor want an RV, choose a large vehicle where there will be room to lie down and sleep. A truck would be great because you will be able to sleep at the back.

Just make sure to get camper shells to provide protection from intense heat, rain, snow, and blood-sucking bugs. If you want a less permanent solution, you can get floorless tents that you can install on the back of your vehicle once you get to the campsite and remove when you want to go home.

Get a Hitch


A hitch is necessary even if you are not planning to tow anything. It would allow you to prop up different kinds of accessories that you might need on your journey. You can use a hitch to bring a spare tire. It can serve as a bike rack or even mount a grill for your barbecues.

Moreover, it prepares your vehicle in case it needs to be towed. You are heading to a place where the road is uneven and unpaved. It provides a solid point for when you need to be pulled out of a ditch or mud.

Protect the Underbelly

Even if your vehicle is lifted, the critical components of your car might be damaged. You will be driving through rough roads. You do not know when a big, pointy rock will pierce through your oil pan or exhaust.

A skid plate would be a great addition to your vehicle. It serves as an armor for the relatively fragile parts of your vehicle. Most of the damage that your car can gain is from underneath. A skid plate can prevent any disaster that would endanger your safety and ruin your adventure.

Pay Your Mechanic a Visit

Perhaps, the most critical step that you need before you drive somewhere remote and unfamiliar is to do a thorough check of your vehicle. Make sure that every part works as intended.

Let your mechanic look at and repair or replace any part that is not up to standard. Do not wait for parts to break down before you replace it. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and with no way to contact help.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle in good health, but it is more important when you are driving to a faraway destination.

Study where you will be driving and prepare for any challenges that you might encounter. Get the equipment that is right for your vehicle and destination. More importantly, drive safely.

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