Car Cosmetic Modifications That You Can Do At Home

Are you bored with the way your car looks? Change things up by doing some cosmetic modifications to its interior and exterior. One of the best things about having a car is that you can customize it as much as you like. This can be a way to highlight your skills and personality to everyone around you.

Note that some areas and states will have limitations on what you can install. Something too flashy can distract other drivers will be illegal. These modifications can be pretty costly when done by someone else, but you can do these at home in your garage if you have the knowledge and skills.

Underglow Lights

If you want to make your car glow in the dark, then adding neon lights is how to do it. Usually, people only do this for cars on display to highlight them. However, you can also install them on your own without having to spend so much. All the equipment needed for it is pretty basic as well.

To avoid having the lights on the entire time, you need to connect it to your car battery and include a separate switch. Not many people would like or allow too many lights on a car, but you can at least have the ability to turn it off with this. The rest of the equipment is just basic tools and drills that any mechanic would have.

Statistics show that crashes are reduced by 19.7 percent when visibility is good. Lights on cars can help you become more visible on the road, especially when driving at night. Not only do these lights look good, but it can help you stand out. Any color is allowed as long as it doesn’t flash red and blue because this can mimic an emergency vehicle’s lights.

New Paint Job

The most visual and most common way to redesign your car is with the paint job. This is a great way to hide scratches and imperfections on your exterior. Doing this yourself saves you a lot of time and money on professional work. Note that this will be an overnight job. It can take you several days to finish repainting your entire car.

Before anything, make sure that you sand the car before painting. This creates a rough layer that makes it easier for the paint to stay on. Glossy paint covers make it difficult to repaint the surface. Get electric sanders and sandpaper in your local shop.

Whether you want an entirely new coating or just some new highlights, you need to get a paint spray booth to ensure that your area is clean. These booths are made with ventilation and fans to ensure that the paint chemicals aren’t contained in one space. Don’t skip out on the proper mask and gear.

car interior

Seat Covers

The interior is just as important as the exterior. You can make even the most basic car look high-end with good seats. Leather seats are the most common choice for those looking at aesthetics. However, you can also consider memory foam and blanket covers for added comfort. It’s a great way to showcase your personality.

The process of replacing the seats is straightforward. Start by removing the headrest of the seats. Everything else is fairly simple. You will find buttons or handles at the sides of the seats to lift them to make changing the covers easier. Make sure all the hooks, straps, and buckles that were initially removed are put back together.

Interior Lighting

If you want to impress passengers while you cruise, install interior lights that serve as mood lights. It’s a great way to set the aura and vibe of the interior. In some cases, it can also make the inside of the care appear larger than normal, depending on the color.

LED strips are extremely affordable and cost-friendly. You can choose a single color or get RGB colors and a separate controller to have more variety. Ready your basic tools along with some wire cutters and electrical cutters. Soldering guns will be needed to secure the needed installations. Lastly, you need a multimeter to measure the voltage.

Cosmetic projects are a great way to test your mechanical skills without causing too much damage. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, at least the vehicle is still functioning. Even redesigning the exterior takes some time and learning, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right away.

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