Exterior Modifications: Improving the Look of Your Car

Not everyone can buy expensive cars, but that shouldn’t stop you from turning your old one into a more appealing vehicle. Investing in a few upgrades and modifications will help you improve its overall performance and style. Boot liners, window tints, and pedal and steering wheel covers are some of the basics. However, you can refer to this guide if you need luxurious but cheap alternatives for transforming your cars.

Body Kits

Body kits contain customized rear spoilers, side skirts, and front bumpers that make a car more appealing. Usually, it’s helpful after upgrading the engine to increase its overall performance. But you have to remember that it’ll only make vehicles look better and will not improve their performance. You can also include selective additions by adding a rear spoiler or side skirt to keep the car’s appearance subtle but stylish.

You can also invest in ceramic coating for cars. It’s a cheap and easy way of making a huge difference to a vehicle’s appearance. Using this has two major benefits:

  • Increasing the car’s protective layer against chemicals and UV rays that can affect its paintwork, and
  • Offering a glossy coating that will give off an eye-catching glimmer.

Interior Lights

You might also want to get interior lights while upgrading the seat covers. Now, you can install LED strips or lights under the dashboard area or seats, making the entire area brighter. In addition, LEDs can provide different colors, allowing you to match them with the car’s exterior paint. Making the cabin brighter can also be helpful if you’re looking for something you dropped.

In short, installing interior lights will make the cabin look more appealing. However, you shouldn’t opt for neon colors.

DVD Screens

Going on a lengthy trip with your family and friends can be challenging, so installing DVD screens can come in handy. It’ll keep other passengers occupied. Today, installing them is a cheap option, and you can easily place them from the car’s roof or behind the front seat headrests. Most luxury brands already have this, adding to the overall sophisticated appearance of a vehicle. But these screens also consume more power.

You shouldn’t install it in a way that disturbs your driving or the car’s performance.

HID Headlamps

modified head lamp

You might also want to think about replacing the light bulbs. That’s because most stock bulbs only provide inadequate lighting solutions. If you want to get a much better field of view, you might want to consider investing in HID bulbs that provide better light and a more accurate field of vision than stock bulbs. Besides, they also have a longer lifespan.

License Plates

Using regular or dealer-provided license plates might also be something you might want to replace. Using a high-security number plate is a wise upgrade. Other parts of the country already require owners to use new license plates to make their vehicles look appealing. Don’t wait for local authorities to force you to replace your old number plates, or else you’ll end up scramming around like everyone else.

Air Fresheners

In addition to making your cars more appealing, you should also ensure it smells good and excellent. Having a stinky car is an embarrassment you’ll have to deal with. You can get different kinds of air fresheners, which will keep your vehicle smelling good. You canopy for the hanging cardboard fresheners or the gel-based fresheners.

Alloy Wheels

Upgrading to alloy wheels is also another practical idea. Your alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, allowing better acceleration. Furthermore, they’re stronger despite being more expensive. You can also opt for more appealing designs that make your vehicle look better than steel wheels. Most owners tend to add low-profile tires and increase the overall diameter of the rime.

Investing in that upgrade will only provide you with the enhanced visual appeal but will not be helpful when driving. If possible, you might also want to consider replacing damaged tires with tubeless ones along with rims.

Body Decals

Body decals refer to vinyl sticks that you can stick onto your car to improve its overall appearance. You can choose body decals ranging from flames, bullet holes, air intakes, or hood scoops. To get a sporty appearance, you can go with racing stripes. You can also wrap your vehicle in vinyl stickers to make it more appealing. You can find different customizable color palettes that might suit your preferences.

Depending on your choice, you can get the satin, chrome, or matte finish on the vinyl. Or you can have your hood or roof wrapped in carbon fiber finish, which is the current trend.

Upgrading your car’s appearance depends on your preferences. Your car reflects your character, so it should feel and look like your extension.

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