Important Safety Measures When Operating Sheet Metal Brakes

A sheet metal brake is used for many different purposes. If you have worked in a workshop, chances are that you have dealt with this kind of machine. The main purpose of a brake is to bend sheet metal. However, it can be used to form shapes such as boxes.

There are many different kinds of brakes such as box and pan brakes and press brakes. They can be manually controlled and hand-operated or large and industrial, depending on the size of the workshop or factory. There are Baileigh sheet metal brakes for a range of prices, starting from less than a thousand dollars up to thousands of dollars. They also have hydraulic and magnetic brakes available, depending on your needs.

Safety Rule # 1: Know your machine

The most important factor that goes a long way in preventing accidents is knowing your machine. If this is the first time that you will be using it, read the manual and figure out what each of the parts do. That way, you can anticipate dangers and avoid putting body parts in the wrong places. The manual will also have operational safety instructions that you should follow.

Safety Rule # 2: Don’t get overconfident

Most industrial accidents don’t happen to first-timers. They happen to people who have been using these machines for days and years. The reason for these accidents is that people become overconfident with their operation and less cautious. Remember that it only takes a moment of distraction for an accident to happen, and the impact can be severe, such as a lost limb.

Safety Rule # 3: Mind your body parts

There are two main ways you can have an accident while using a sheet metal brake. Mind your fingers so that they don’t get in the gap when you are positioning the sheet. You may lose them like this or injure them grievously. Also, be wary of where you are standing while operating the machine so that the metal sheet does not hit you when it bends. Always be aware of dealing with sharp metals as this can cut you.

Safety Rule # 4: Beware of the leading edge

worker lifting a metal sheetThe leading edge is the sharp edge that bends sheet metal. Be aware that this is sharp and should not be touched with your bare hands. It is always a good idea to wear safety gloves while operating the machine. Also, wear goggles so that bits and pieces of metal do not get in your eyes. The shop floor is usually littered with sharp pieces of metal, so industrial boots are also a must.

Safety Rule # 5: Don’t operate when intoxicated

Never use a brake when you are drunk or intoxicated. This also applies for when you are tired or sleepy after a long workday or early in the morning. That’s when we are at our most callous and can get into an accident.

These simple safety precautions should keep you safe in the workshop. A brake is one of the safer pieces of equipment that you can use in an industrial setting.

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