Most Common Neglected Car Parts That Cause Accidents

Being a car owner is a big responsibility. It’s not enough to pay for loans and get it cleaned. You have to call maintenance checks for it regularly. Neglecting to do so will result in expensive damage that could have been avoided had you done repairs earlier. More importantly, it can lead to serious accidents that could hurt you and our passengers.


Car suspensions are there to make your drive smooth, and after some time, it starts to feel rough. That’s a sign that it needs to be replaced. Generally, it needs to be replaced at around the 50,000-mile point. You will also find that the tire pressure feels like it is constantly uneven, despite having just changed them.

Most people mistake these signs as tire problems and tend to neglect to have their suspensions checked. However, this can be dangerous because it means your control of the vehicle is compromised. Without you realizing it, your suspension and steering could fail while you are driving. When this happens, you can end up crashing into another way.

Failure in suspension can also cause damage to other parts of your car. It compromises your ability to accelerate as well, so your car can come to a halt in the middle of the road. If you are driving on a highway or stop at an intersection, you can jeopardize other drivers. What’s worse is that your insurance will likely not cover it because it can be considered negligence on your part.

Headlights and Taillights

Visibility is the most important thing when driving. It is essential to make sure that your headlights are not too dim or too bright. When it is too bright, it can blind other cars and cause them to lose sight of the road. With dim lights, you won’t be able to see much, especially when it is dark. If the light doesn’t reach far enough, you may not have enough time to react to something blocking your way.

Moreover, headlights and taillights are designed to make you seen by other cars. You may not have caused the accident, but other vehicles might because they could not see you. There is also an increased chance of you getting rear-ended because of your dim lights.

Make sure that you check whether your lights are reaching far enough. If your car is already a bit old, it might need replacing. Contact a mechanic in case your headlights need some repair. While you are at it, double-check your blinkers as well. They are important because it signals other cars when you are about to turn. They may end up going straight when you are turning.


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Similar to your suspension, breaks are essential for maintaining control of your vehicle as you drive. With old cars, the breaks can get worn and faulty. It may not react as fast when you need it to. As a result, collision is a high possibility without maintenance. Faulty brakes are also noted to be one of the most common reasons for car crashes.

If you suspect that your brakes are compromised, it is best to avoid highways with fast cars. On these roads, one vehicle can swerve or overtake you unexpectedly. When this happens, your breaks may fail you, causing you to run straight into the vehicle. Similar to suspensions, have them checked out after 50,000 miles. Although some may need less, and others can last for longer mileage.

Car Oil

Engine oil is there to lubricate all the metal parts inside your car. When you fail to replace or change it, the internal parts get scratched up and damaged. This causes friction and overheating to occur. Overheating carries a lot of dangers with it. For one, it can warp the internal parts and cause your car to go out of control. Another is that it can cause your car to burn more energy to perform basic functions.

When you neglect to replace the oil, sludge starts to build up. This causes damage to all the parts. Eventually, your vehicle will seize up and stop. More than that, a lot of people get severe burns from overheating cars. A lot of people don’t know that you should not open the hood of an overheating car. It causes hot smoke, and if you open the hood, it will blast all over you. That’s why you should always wait a while before opening to avoid getting burned by the smoke.

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