Dear New Car Owners, Please Take Good Care Of Your Tires

Cars come in many makes and models, and whether you own an SUV, sedan, or off-roading pick-up truck, all these vehicles serve the same purpose of getting you from one destination to the next with ease. However, despite the growing trend of car enthusiasts and learning the ins and outs of vehicle care, very little love is shown to one of the most important external car parts, which are the tires.

As a result, while new car owners are learning the general standards to overall vehicle maintenance, not much attention is given to proper car tire maintenance, leaving many uninformed about what to do or avoid tire blowouts and issues. And so, today, to help break the ice on the matter and spread important information about car tires, we’ll be going over what practices and circumstances create problems and how new car owners can prevent them from happening.

What Causes Tire Issues And Blowouts In The First Place?

There’s plenty of reasons we can trace back as causes behind tire issues, blowouts, and explosions, but if we had to name every single one, then we’d end up spending the rest of the day clearing out the garage and driveway just for safety measures. In general, the three most common causes are (1) changing temperatures that affect tire pressure, (2) bad driving practices that lead to road hazards, and (3) the typical wear and tear you get from high mileage.

  • Back And Forth Between Warm Weather And Cold Temperatures: Although a chilly morning and a hot afternoon may not seem like a huge problem at face value, all this back and forth between warm weather and cold temperatures causes your tire pressure to fluctuate. And given how crazy these weather disasters have been throughout summer, you might have overlooked that your tire pressure is above or below what’s considered optimal.
  • Bad Driving Practices And Failure To Avoid Road Hazards: Sure, we understand that everybody makes mistakes now and then, but bad driving practices such as a long stopping distance, slamming down on the brakes, and alike put a lot of stress on your car tires. Furthermore, these also tend to increase the risk of hitting road hazards that cause your vehicle to sustain damage and your wheels to be misaligned in the process.
  • General Wear And Tear From High-Mileage: Lastly, much like any other car part that gets worse with time, general wear and tears from high mileage is another reason why your tires might not be holding up as well. And even though you’ve invested in quite the expensive daily driver, no car tire is exempt from the natural elements and time.

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Stay Vigilant And Never Forget To Double Check On Your Essentials

Given those reasons mentioned above, the one thing you can do to prevent a tire blowout from ever endangering your life and the life of others on the road is by staying vigilant and doing a general check-up once or twice a month on your tire’s essentials. In doing so, you can get an objective overview of your car tires’ condition, and it also identifies any potential weak points early before they cause any real damage.

  • Monitor Your Tire Pressure For Any Sudden Changes: First on your list is monitoring your tire pressure for any sudden changes, so get yourself a personal tire pressure gauge to always have one handy when you’re out on the road. It also helps to get your car checked by a professional. We strongly recommend dropping by your local Toyota repair specialist or any other appropriate car manufacturer closest to you.
  • Rotate Your Tires And Ensure Good Tread Depth: Second on your list of good tire care is to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles (8,046.72 km) or so to keep everything in balance and ensuring your car has good tread depth. You see, the front end and rear end wheels receive different amounts of stress and use on the road, so it’s best to rotate them to keep all four at relatively the same condition.
  • Always Invest In Good Quality Tires When Replacing Them: Last but not least, if you think your car tires are long overdue for a replacement, always remember that investing in slightly more costly options that guarantee good quality will always be significantly better than anything cheap and easy. You’ll find plenty of good tire reviews online, so always cross-reference what’s available with the prices at your nearest auto shop and take your sweet time in choosing.

When On The Road, Safety Is Top Priority!

In conclusion, the one thing you should always consider when on the road is overall safety, and getting to your destination fast comes at a close second. And nothing’s safer than preparing beforehand, which means you should definitely add proper tire maintenance to your set of skills as a driver.

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