5 Wise Hacks to Remain Mobile Amid the Pandemic

Among the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the disruption in people’s mobility, particularly those who are taking public transport every day.

Due to the possibility of getting infected with the deadly virus, many are now facing the dilemma of buying a car to avoid public transport despite their already limited financial capacity or risk of getting infected when taking public transport. For many, it’s like damn if they do and damn if they don’t.

If you are among those people who have such difficult choices, you should be happy to know that you have several great solutions on your end. These simple tricks will help solve whatever mobility issues you have, so you can move from point A to point B safely considering the ever-present threat of COVID-19 infection.

Here are five simple hacks you should use to stay mobile throughout the pandemic:

Apply for a car loan

If you have a family and you need to take them to places oftentimes, then a car is an investment you need to make. If you have a positive credit rating, then securing and getting approved for a car loan would be a breeze; however, if your credit rating is on the low end due to your past financial challenges, then the odds would be stacked against you.

Fortunately, there are lending companies that approve no credit check car loans for individuals with bad or less than ideal credit ratings due to whatever financial problems they had in the past. These lenders would only require proof of current financial income and stability to approve the loan, so be sure to have the right documents before filing for a car loan.

Get a bicycle

If the places you go to during this ongoing pandemic are just a few kilometers from your home and you don’t have to carry heavy loads to and from, then a bicycle would be the perfect mobility solution.

It’s an inexpensive vehicle that doesn’t require gas or costly maintenance, plus it’s an eco-friendly champ as it doesn’t emit any harmful gas into the atmosphere. A bicycle is an excellent mobility item to have especially if your errands are mostly within a few kilometers away from your home.

Invest in an electric scooter

Just as how electric cars such as Teslas have become highly popular in the U.S. and in many countries worldwide, electric scooters are also fast becoming a popular mode of transportation for many people. The beauty of an electric scooter is that it’s essentially a cross between a bicycle and a car: it has a size almost the same as a bicycle and the pedal-less convenience of a typical car.

An electric scooter may cost more than a bicycle but it’s definitely more convenient if you don’t want to sweat it out pedaling from one place to another.

Schedule your errands and shopping trips

Do you go to the local shopping center or supermarket four times a month to buy your needed supplies? How about bringing it down to just twice a month?

By carefully scheduling your shopping trips and different errands, you won’t need to frequently go out of the house and expose yourself to crowds in public places. It’s one way of limiting your chances of exposure to potential COVID-19 carriers. Additionally, you’ll save money on gas or fare for local transportation, which is a great idea especially in light of the pandemic when every dollar counts.

You can simply maintain a calendar or notebook at home where you’d list down all errands and shopping items that you can buy from places that are close to one another. You can even go an extra step by identifying our itineraries in terms of importance so you won’t drive around or move aimlessly. These simple tricks will help make things more efficient once you’re out of the house and off to your destinations.

Opt for delivery services

house movers

Another excellent way to solve your mobility problem is to avail of delivery services for items that don’t require you to personally handle or buy. Incidentally, the delivery service industry was among the big winners during the pandemic as millions of homeowners opted to buy things online and have them delivered to their addresses.

This can be a good enough remedy if you’re busy or you don’t want to get exposed to potential COVID-19 transmission. For a minimal fee, you can have the products you need without stepping out of your front door and allotting precious hours to personally buy the things you need.

With these five simple tricks, taking care of your mobility needs should be much easier on your end.

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