Significant Technological Automotive Trends to Watch Closely

The automotive industry has evidently come a long way today, and this particular industry has taken numerous significant strides towards technological innovation. Since the pandemic hit back in 2020, the automotive industry was also one of those inclined to shift and adapt to the new normal’s current trends. While some of the trends we’ll mention have existed prior to the pandemic, some have also been accelerated to the pandemic’s unique circumstances. In the following, we’ll be listing some of the significant automotive trends for 2022.

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1. Smart Cars

In the digital era that we’re currently in, the automotive industry is one of the business sectors proceeding to utilize innovative technology. Artificial intelligence isn’t just something you see in gadgets, software, and homes, but you also see them in cars and automobiles. More developers are using AI and connectivity in vehicles, and we can evidently see that smart car technology is a big part of the future of transportation. We know that smart technology was created for a life paved for convenience and accessibility, which you can see with all existing smart cars today. Statistics show that by 2030, at least 96% of new vehicles should have connectivity. So there should be features like lane-keeping and emergency braking through advanced sensors and 5G connectivity. While more connectivity means the possibility of hacking and cybercrimes, this is also what makes ensuring there are no gaps in a smart vehicle’s security so essential.

2. Electric Cars

In 2021 alone, sales from electric cars have doubled to 6.6 million, approximately 9% of the global car market. Electric vehicles have become a significant trend in the automotive industry with this statistic alone. According to a BBC report, it’s perceived that 20% of cars sold in 2025 are to be electric, 40% by 2030, and 100% by 2040. Also, almost half of software developers of automobiles are working on autonomous vehicle components. Electric cars in 2021 have just continued to rise. While this has always been a persistent trend before the pandemic, sales have doubled because of it. In fact, China has been the top country for sales when it came to electric cars in 2021. In addition, you can also see other electric vehicles like utility terrain vehicles being used often by individuals who are either traveling short distances on rough terrain or in other outdoor areas. The tough environmental conditions don’t necessarily make it easy for these types of vehicles to go electric. Still, significant innovations and physical protection such as utility terrain vehicle roofs make these vehicles great for both work and recreational activities.

3. Connected Cars

Connected cars became a significant trend back in 2021, and this isn’t the end of this trend. It’s forecast that connected car technologies are seen to become more significant along with the demand for data-driven decision-making. Also, the global market for connected cars is predicted to reach at least $217 billion by 2027. Several areas or countries will also begin rolling out 5G internet connections. As a result, these car innovators will provide telematics, infotainment, and other features. Aside from the fact that connected cars can evidently improve your consumer experience and the environment on the road, they also have significant benefits for your safety. When it comes to choosing your private car, safety should be your primary option—and this is partially why connected cars haven’t died as a trend, even going into 2022. Statistics from the United Nations show that 1.3 million individuals die annually from road traffic accidents alone. Provided that connected cars can keep you safer, this vehicle trend can encourage the reduction of car accidents.

4. Micro-mobility

If we have electric cars as a significant trend, there are also electric bikes and scooters. In 2021, these were observed to become a more popular method of transport. Especially with the pandemic occurring, electric scooters and bikes make errands more convenient. Instead of using your car just to go to groceries or go someplace near, you can opt to use your electric scooter or bike instead. In fact, some consumers have even claimed that they prefer this as a viable option compared to public transportation—particularly during COVID-19. It’s no longer as safe to commute, which is why consumers are looking for better alternatives with the existing automotive trends today. Electric scooters and bikes can get you to where you want to go like any other form of public transport can, except they’re safer and better.

Understanding the significant trends can help you be aware of what to expect in the following years to come. After all, some of these trends are here to stay because digital is now the future for many industries in an effort to more efficiently and effectively adapt to the pandemic.

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