Tips for Choosing a Car Based on Your Personality

Did you ever wonder why out of all the Audis you saw at the car dealership in Auckland you chose the one with red paint? There is more to this than just your preference for the colour. Also, the model of the car or even how you use a car says a lot about your personality. If you want to know why you chose and bought a car from a car dealer online with a particular colour or model, read on and be enlightened:

Red sports cars

If you chose a red sports car, you’re the kind of person who wants adventure all the time. Also, you like taking financial risks. When you find an item that you really like, regardless of how expensive it is, you will buy it in an instant. You have an outgoing personality. A lot of your friends and acquaintances have probably said more than once that you’re fun to hang out with. But there may be times when you can be aggressive and your competitive side comes out even in trivial situations because you probably don’t like to lose.

Ford vehicles

When you drive a Ford, there is a high chance that you’re a friendly person. According to an article, a statistical report showed that Ford drivers saw themselves as friendly people but with a twist: They were also direct. This means that Ford drivers can be someone you’ll trust with your life. But when you’ve done something wrong or if you’re acting like a buffoon, they’ll say it straight to your face. They’re not likely to beat around the bush and just be upfront with you.

BMW cars

BMW car

Another report says that BMW drivers are viewed to be know-it-all people. According to an article, a survey asked various people what they thought of drivers who owned a BMW. They said that they regarded BMW drivers as arrogant, know-it-all people who believe that European cars were a lot better than American cars.

Now, if you own a BMW and you disagree with the notion that people like you are arrogant, please don’t be offended. The report simply showed that the opinion of other people about BMW drivers is not good. But it has no bearing at all on the true characteristic of a person who drives a BMW.

Grey vehicles

If you’re driving a grey vehicle, like a sedan or a hatchback, then you might have a laid-back personality. Some car experts and psychologists say that people who drive grey cars are often shy and easy-going. It may be because grey cars don’t seem to stand out that much when they’re on the road.

Bright LED headlights

Now, if you have bright LED headlights on your car, chances are that you like to have the upper hand as often as you can, sometimes at the expense of others. When you’re driving with very bright LED headlights, you might blind other drivers on the road. Before you have those headlights installed, consider the risk first.

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