Travel in Comfort and Style in 2021 with These Tips

As the year brings a renewed sense of hope when it comes to traveling around the country, many of us have started planning our long-awaited and much-needed vacation. While there’s more paperwork and planning involved this time, even for fully vaccinated folks, those with vaccination proof and negative test results can travel freely across the country and even outside of the country. All the work is worth doing, considering being able to travel once again to take a break from what has been our routine for the past couple of years.

But after doing all the pre-travel planning and the additional paperwork needed for travel, it’s only right to make the journey itself comfortable in every way possible. For most of us, traveling feels like a new thing, especially after spending most of our time indoors and not being able to go anywhere due to pandemic restrictions. That said, here are three ways to make sure your upcoming vacation goes off without a hitch and perhaps even have an even better experience than any of your travels before.

Hire a Transport Service

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel worry-free and stress-free the moment you start your vacation? The best way to enjoy your much-awaited vacation is by using reliable executive transportation services that can take you to and from your destination.

This service lets you travel without having to worry about finding a parking spot, getting soaked in the rain or having to walk under the sun to get to the venue. With an executive transport service, you can just sit back and relax, as you take in the stunning outdoor views while sipping on a refreshing iced beverage. Nothing beats traveling without having to think about anything other than hoping in the vehicle, getting off at the exact destination, and taking a safe ride back home at the end of the day.

When traveling by land, getting to and from your destination worry-free and stress-free is the best and safest way to enjoy your holiday.

Print a Packing List

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Worried about forgetting something? The best way to prevent this from happening is to create and print a packing list that you can keep in your luggage. You can use this as a reference every time you’re packing and repacking your belongings.

Make sure the list can hold up to spills and leaks by printing it on water-resistant paper or waterproof paper. Keep the list handy by cutting it into the right size, so you can easily tuck it or stash it in its designated container and refer to it whenever you need to.

Have a packing list for each kit and luggage that you’re bringing with you. Whether it’s a hygiene kit, a weekender, or a tech bag, keeping a list inside each of these carriers will make sure your belongings are complete at all times. Never forget anything, ever again.

Consider Using a Smart Luggage

Bringing your tech with you? Now that many of us telecommute, we can bring our work anywhere we go. Make sure you never run out of battery on any of your gadgets, especially those that you use for work. To keep your tech in one place and make sure that you can re-charge them anytime, using smart luggage makes a lot of sense.

Smart luggage — both backpacks and valise models — come with a removable battery pack. Typically, there is a designated slot for the battery, on the outer part of the carrier; either on the back or on the side.

Older models have battery packs inside the carrier and some of them are non-removable. This can be a problem at times as some airlines require owners to remove the battery packs, especially when a passenger would like to check the luggage in.

To make sure you can check-in your smart luggage or bring it as a carry-on, refer to the current airline policies for smart luggage, as these are updated every so often. It’s best to check with your airline of choice what their rules for smart luggage are, to find out if what you have is approved or which models are approved before purchasing one.

Other smart features to consider when looking for smart luggage: built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, luggage tracker, Bluetooth connectivity, power port types, remote locking, and a mobile app. These features will keep your belongings much safer and help you stay productive while on the road.

As we begin to restore our confidence in traveling during this time, we must find ways to make the experience as comfortable and safe as we possibly could. We all deserve to take a break from our two-year routine and start traveling once again in a safe, secure, and comfortable way.

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