7 Responsible Driving Tips That All Drivers Should Know

Driving is an invaluable skill for most people, but there’s no denying that it can take many years to refine and master. From our first initial driving lessons to a cross-country road trip, we tend to extend our abilities every time we step into our cars. However, there’s still a lot we don’t know and that can put us at risk of several auto accidents. Therefore, this article will offer you an abundance of useful tips and tricks to help you perfect the art of responsible driving.

1. Knowing a Good Accident Lawyer

Even if you’ve been on the road for many years and consider yourself to be the leader in responsible driving, a dangerous car accident can be just around the corner. Therefore, it’s best that you get in touch with a diverse team of auto accident lawyers in advance to help you in the worst-case situation. These lawyers focus on collecting evidence to support you in your quest for justice but are also responsible for liaising with a selection of insurance companies so that you can also receive the compensation you deserve. In turn, you’re free to focus on strengthening your recovery process without having to fret about how you’re going to cover the cost of hefty medical bills or insurance claims. Despite the merits associated with these lawyers, they can be very expensive to work with, especially if you have been involved in a very serious accident. John Foy & Associates states that these lawyers usually request 33%-40% of the final settlement to help cover their costs. So, if you’re awarded $30,000 in compensation, you would be expected to part with $9,900-$12,000 to pay for the legal fees. Thus, you are encouraged to keep these high costs in mind when forming a budget for your auto accident processes.

2. Finding a Good Mechanic Shop

A reputable mechanic is a must-have resource if you’re eager to improve your responsible driving tactics. As such, you may have to travel a little further than your local auto repair shop to find the right professional for both your vehicle and your budget. But, since this market is tremendously competitive, it’s advised that you conduct a plethora of online research to help you discover the best person for the job. You could also ask your friends and family for any of their recommendations, especially if they’re known to be avid car lovers. It’s also imperative that you select a skilled professional who can complete several different tasks with ease as this will make it easier for you to repair any issues with your car without having to visit several different mechanics. It should also be mentioned that just because a mechanic is well-skilled, doesn’t mean that they’re expected to charge the earth for their services. For example, Mobile Mechanic claims that these workers typically charge $75-$130 per hour, so be sure to shop around to find a more affordable deal if you believe that your chosen mechanic is a bit too steep in their usual prices.

3. Purchasing Auto Insurance

Although car insurance is considered to be a mandatory requirement in most states, some drivers still don’t get their vehicles insured before they head out onto the road. In turn, if you’re keen to maintain a reputation for responsible driving, be sure to purchase an auto insurance plan. The type of auto insurance coverage you’ll receive will depend on the type of policy you purchase, but most plans include coverage for a damaged vehicle as well as the cost of your medical bills. Thus, even if you’re involved in a pretty intense collision, you can rest assured that your medical bills will be paid alongside the cost of any repairs that your car may require. However, some drivers refuse to purchase even a minimum coverage insurance plan as they deem it to be too expensive. Luckily, since there are so many plans available, all of which impose a unique pricing strategy, you are sure to find a plan that benefits your current financial situation. Bank Rate informs us that the average car insurance plan costs $212 per month for maximum coverage and just $62 per month for minimum level coverage. Therefore, although this may not be the most affordable solution for lower-income drivers, it seems that there are several cost-effective ways that you could gain access to the benefits of car insurance.

4. Receiving Regular Vehicle Maintenance

A key part of practicing responsible driving is to keep your vehicle in good condition at all times. Most of the time, our cars will alert us if something is wrong, such as via a warning light or notification. Plus, as you gain more experience as a driver, you’ll likely be able to figure out an issue by the way the car drives or if it’s making some sort of uncomfortable noise. For example, if your car begins to make a squeaking sound every time you try to slow down, it could be a sign that you need to book in for a brake repair service. During this process, a trained technician will conduct a detailed assessment of your brake system, keeping a close eye out for any impending faults or clear examples of wear and tear. For minor complaints, the mechanics may be able to resolve the issue by replacing the brake fluid. Yet, if your brakes are looking a bit worse for wear, they could put you and others in danger, so they may encourage you to replace the entire system. Though this procedure can be pretty costly, with Auto Zone suggesting that it can cost anywhere between $300 to $800, this is an imperative repair if you want to stay safe on the road.

Another crucial component of responsible driving is tires, more specifically, ensuring that you use the correct tires for different seasons. If you live in a region that often experiences harsh weather conditions like hail or snow storms, you’ll probably be well aware of just how important winter tires can be. These assets often use a deeper tread so that they’re able to push through large quantities of snow and ice with ease. Thus, by using these tires throughout the colder seasons, you lessen the chance of slipping or causing a harmful collision with another driver. Kelley Blue Book notes that a set of four winter tires will usually set you back $800-$1,00, which may seem a bit expensive, but the source also notes that this investment is well worth it and can protect you during several uncertain circumstances. As such, you may have to be prepared to tighten your belt if you’re looking to enjoy more responsible driving.

5. Having Information for a Roadside Assistance Company

Although you may strive to practice responsible driving daily, sometimes our beloved cars fail us, and we require the help of some roadside assistance services. These companies mainly help drivers who have broken down and have no way of getting back on the road safely. So, these workers may aid you by supplying you with fuel or helping you jump-start your car if it’s experienced some sort of electrical issue. Typically, these services will be provided by your car insurance provider and are commonly regarded as your first point of call if you suffer a problem whilst driving. But, like a lot of auto services, there are so many roadside assistance services available on the market, so it’s essential that you choose the right one. A good rule of thumb is to check whether your desired company offers its services nationwide, as this can help you receive help no matter where you are. Alongside providing drivers with a plethora of useful benefits, these services are also quite affordable. Market Watch states that roadside assistance plans usually start at $20 a year to over $150 a year, making this a very cost-effective solution for drivers who want to be prepared for whatever comes their way.

6. Handling Emergency Repairs

When you experience a car accident, the first thing you consider is your own physical state. But, even if you come out of this situation unscathed, your car may be in a very sorry state. In this case, it’s advised that you work alongside a reputable auto dent repair company to help get your vehicle back in working order. These workers tend to use a range of specialist equipment like strong plungers and a wealth of heating and cooling techniques to try and restore your cherished car to its original state. Some drivers may believe that they can remove these dents themselves using a wealth of hacks they’ve seen online, but this has the potential to do your car a lot more damage, so it’s best to leave this process up to the professionals. The cost of this service depends greatly on the extent of the damage, but Valley Collision estimates that drivers would be expected to pay around $125 to over $500 to remove an average-sized dent from their car. Therefore, this is an investment for those who want to showcase their responsible driving skills in style and aren’t afraid to splash the cash.

One of the most common emergency repairs is a flat tire, so you could also benefit from indulging in a few auto wheel repairs. Whether it’s repairing a hefty puncture or replacing a wheel entirely, these services are crucial for those who use their cars daily and are keen to extend their longevity for many years to come. Plus, these services can even eradicate some minor cosmetic flaws such as curb rash and scuffs, ensuring that your wheels can look pristine all year round. You could even experiment with adding alloy wheels to your prized vehicle, giving your vehicle an added touch of opulence and TLC. If you’re looking for a few new ways to increase your responsible driving antics without breaking the bank, Lemonade states that drivers usually pay an average of $20 to $50 to replace a damaged tire. Thus, you can continue embarking on endless road trips without having to fret about coughing up copious amounts of money for essential wheel repairs.

7. Cleaning Your Car

In between answering an ever-growing pile of emails and dropping the kids off at their swimming lessons, it can be hard to find enough time and effort to keep your car clean. Moreover, if you inadvertently tend to treat your car like a trash can, you may feel completely overwhelmed at the sheer thought of having to maintain your vehicle. Thus, you may be better off recruiting a collection of talented auto detailers to offer you a helping hand. These workers usually offer a much more elevated service compared to a standard car wash, focusing on an array of minor aspects such as deodorizing your vehicle and polishing hard-to-reach areas. Although keeping your car clean may not seem like a relevant way to practice responsible driving, by keeping your car in a pleasant state, you’re more likely to want to keep it this way and may be encouraged to drive less recklessly. Thus, not only does auto detailing help to keep your car pristine, but it can also inspire you to drive more carefully as a result. Big’s Mobile Detailing informs us that this service typically costs $98 to $300 per session, so this is definitely an ideal service for those who want to invest more money in their vehicles.

Responsible driving is crucial for both drivers and pedestrians and often requires a lot of experience to master fully. Moreover, using the right services and resources can truly elevate this practice, allowing you to enjoy an appealing driving experience time and time again. Plus, these services ensure that your car can keep running for many years to come and can lead you to spending less money on major repairs. Thus, if you’re eager to become a better driver, consider implementing some of the advice and guidance presented throughout this article.

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