Car Debate: SUV vs. Sedan

When it comes to purchasing a car, there are a lot of options, ranging from sports cars like Mustangs to beasts such as land rover SUVs. Thus, your options in Auckland (or anywhere in New Zealand) are limitless and can suit any needs, preferences, and budget.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed with what type and model to select, you have to decide on what will it be used for. When you have already affirmed your purpose, acquiring one will be a much easier task. For example, if you are in the business industry, a pickup truck can be the most appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you happen to be someone who just drives to and from work every day, two vehicle types clearly stand out: SUV and sedan.

Below, we will discuss which car is best suited to your daily needs:

Consider Your Travel

When determining the purpose of the car that you’ll buy, consider how much time you’ll spend driving it. If your travel route is far, a sedan is a better option because of its better gas mileage. In addition, you can help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint since sedans don’t consume as much fuel. Sedans are cost-efficient as well, given that gas consumption will not bear holes in your pockets.

Determine Your Need for Cargo Space

If compartment space is one of your priorities, while at the same time, you want an adequate seating capacity for your family, SUVs are the best choice. In some sedans, there may be a limited amount of room available in the backseat or trunk, which can make it challenging to carry big items that require substantial space.

Think About Your Future Needs

family loading the SUV for a vacation trip

Efficient long-term use is what all of us aim to achieve, especially when making big purchases, such as in the case of a car. For example, when you plan on expanding your family and having more children, opting for SUV is the better choice.

Set a Budget

Knowing your financial capacity allows you to set and adhere to a budget. This, in turn, guides you in deciding which car to purchase. That being said, sedans are relatively more affordable than SUVs due to its smaller body and engine as well as the inclusion of fewer features.

Comfort is Vital

Aside from cost-efficiency, convenience and ease of use is an important factor. Accordingly, sedans are more accessible to get in and out of, considering that they are shorter in height and sit lower to the ground. However, SUVs have spacious interiors that offer more room, thus you won’t feel crowded or cramped during your travel.

Identifying your specific needs as well as the requirements of your daily lifestyle will allow you to make a guided and more practical decision. If you need more information about SUVs and sedans, it’s best to do extensive online research or consult a professional. You can even have a test drive scheduled so you can explore the features and really the feel of each car.

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