Skoda Brand: 4 Interesting Reasons You Should Choose This Car

The Skoda brand might fool you because it was once called the ‘lame duck’ of European car brands, but that is a thing of the past. This brand has levelled up with family-friendly cars at reasonable prices. If you are on a budget, you can also opt for used Skoda cars for sale. How good is a Skoda, by the way? Here are some reasons to show you why you should get one:


Skoda cars are reliable. In recent years, this brand has topped some dependability tables. Even the Telegraph has put this brand on the top of their 2016 and 2017 dependability table. There are 66 problems for every 100 vehicles for the brand, while there are 79 problems for every 100 vehicles for Suzuki. This placed the brand at number one and Suzuki at second.

The reliability of the Skoda brand may be attributed to the acquisition of the Volkswagen Group. Their purchase of the company allowed the brand to level up because it is now using Volkswagen technology. Right now, consumers are happy with the branding, cost, and effectiveness of Skoda.

The Cost

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Skoda cars are as good as Volkswagen, but they cost less. Although their prices have increased over the years, they are still cheaper than VW. You would think that being cheaper means inferior quality, but it is not. In fact, they function very well. When it comes to good value, Skoda Citigo, which is their version of the VW Up, is cheaper. Its functions are the same, but you get it at a much lower price.

The Makeup

Skoda and Volkswagen use the same components and technology. With this, you are rest assured knowing that the car you are choosing is of superb quality. What’s better is that it is inexpensive compared to its counterpart brand. Through this, you get the same quality for a much lower price.

Aside from that, Skoda cars are quite big in size. This means more room for your family and the stuff you carry every day. For example, the Skoda Octavia boasts a large space for the family. Though it has small dimensions, the boot is impressive and the rear seat has a wide legroom.


Do not mistake the storage system for a jungle since you can put a lot. For Skoda Octavia, there is a place for all your things. The same goes for the other cars of Skoda which have good spaces for storage. You should choose a car with good storage, especially if you travel a lot or your lifestyle includes bringing a lot of things with you anywhere.

It all comes down to your lifestyle and special needs. Choose wisely because you are going to use your car for a long time. Also, think about if the car you are going for will save you money in the long run or will cost more. You can also get used cars since they are inexpensive. Simply make sure you choose the ones that are still running well.

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