Crack on Your Windshield? Here’s Why You Need to Fix it ASAP

You are driving down the highway when, out of nowhere, you hear a crashing sound. Something, you do not know what, just hit your car, leaving a noticeable crack on your windshield.

Now, you need to have your windshield replaced, but that means bringing your car to a glass shop and leave it there for several hours to a few days. You think that it is fine not to do it immediately since you need your car for a lot of purposes, but a windshield crack is not something you should never put off.

Windshield Replacement Can be Quick and Easy

mechanic fixing windshieldIf convenience is what you desire, there are many shops that offer mobile windshield replacement in Orem, Utah. A specialist will be able to come to your home or office to repair or replace your windshield immediately. All you need is to find a trusted one.

A Small Crack Can Expand and Become a Bigger Problem

A small chip or crack does not seem like a big problem now, but it can be. You do not just risk leaking if there is rain outside, but there is a chance that the damage expands the longer you ignore it.

Both heat and cold can exacerbate the crack or chip, sometimes within a few minutes or hours. The crack also exposes your windshield to contaminants such as dirt and other debris, which can worsen small chips and cracks. Moreover, if the crack is located near the edge of the windshield, there is a danger that rain will seep into and corrode the metal framework underneath. In short, putting off repair or replacement would lead to a much expensive bill.

Your Windshield Makes You Safe

The windshield of your car is not just there to protect you from elements such as wind, rain, and snow. Along with the seatbelt and the airbags, it is part of the safety restraint system of the vehicle. It is there to prevent its passengers from being ejected in case of a major collision. The flexible polyvinyl layer of the windshield can also act as a cushion that minimizes injuries.

The windshield also adds structural integrity to the vehicle. During a front-end collision, the windshield can provide up to 45% structural integrity to the passenger cabin. In a rollover, structural integrity is increased to up to 60%.

Your cracked windshield, therefore, would not be able to protect you from harm. You will be compromising your safety by leaving even a small crack alone. In addition, the crack positioned on the line of sight of the driver poses more danger.

Windshield Defects are Illegal

Generally, anything that might obstruct the view of the road from the driver is not permitted. In Utah, the law does not permit you to drive with a crack on your windshield. If the damage obscures the vision of the driver or if it is larger than one inch, you might get pulled over and be made to pay a fine on top of the expense of getting your windshield fixed.

Like many other things, putting off a small problem is never a good idea.  A bit of inconvenience now will save you from a lot of trouble later on. Call a local windshield repair or replacement center to talk about your options, set a schedule that works for you, and get the problem fixed before it is too late.

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