What to Look for When Choosing A Car Mechanic

Cars are vital to carry people or things to where they need to go. Whether you use the car for a daily commute, move kids from school to playdates or need to borrow tools from a friend’s house, the car provides a convenient way to get things done. Keeping a car running requires regular checks and maintenance if you want to avoid it changing from a reliable asset into a financial drain.

To keep your vehicle in good condition, finding a reputable mechanic is the first step. A good car mechanic may have general knowledge on how all aspects of a car work in theory, from car engines to brake systems and electrics, but often they also specialize in a particular component.  For example, mechanics may know how to fix an engine, but not all know how to tune an engine control unit properly, or how to restore an older car model where spare parts are limited.

So, what do you look for when searching for a reliable motor mechanic?

Know Their Specialization

Look for the right mechanic for the right job. A garage specializing in repairs for your brand is an obvious starting point. For example, the nearest mechanic specializing in Toyota repair might be found near your home in Salt Lake City. However, the best option may be to find a mechanic whose speciality matches your car design. With car technology always advancing and trends for increased efficiency and safety, mechanics are adapting to the improvements. You may need someone who specializes in electric cars or hybrid vehicles, or has thorough knowledge in the increasingly complex electrical systems that navigate, monitor fuel and tire pressure levels, or help you park. Look for a specialized mechanic online to check their background and read reviews and recommendations from other people.

auto mechanic checking the engine

Proximity from your area

Specialist mechanics will repair the problem, but they may not be an attractive option if located miles away. If you are looking for someone closer to you, then word-of-mouth is often a good indicator of reliability; ask around your friends and family for recommendations in addition to your online search.

Fees for the job

For minor repairs, you can develop a car care budget to cover the cost for a general mechanical check-up and maintenance costs after a fixed number of miles driven. Major repairs can be astronomical, particularly if the mechanic is ordering spare parts. If you have identified several garages that can do the job, ask for quotes and asses the contenders. Sometimes, if you opt for the lowest quote, you won’t receive the best service. Be careful when selecting the winning bid, as sometimes the spare parts quoted are cheap copies. You may receive a quote for either a full or temporary repair; the cheaper option may be the best for your cash flow but not for the long term.

Planning car maintenance into household expenses helps identify problems before they become severe and expensive. With foresight and a reliable mechanic, you’ll keep the wheels rolling longer.

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