Motorcycle Safety 101: The Proper Ways to Carry a Passenger

Riding solo on a motorcycle is enjoyable, but there will be times when you wish you could share the experience with someone else. But before you do, you need to learn first the rules in letting a passenger ride with you.

Not all motorcycles are the same

If you are going to let someone ride with you, know that not all motorbikes are designed to accommodate more than one person. In fact, the law states that your motorcycle needs to pass some requirements before you can let another passenger ride with you.

Footrests are mandatory

Obviously, your motorbike has footrests for you, but you need an extra pair for your passenger. Also, they need to be able to reach the footrest for obvious reasons. If they cannot, they will not be able to sit comfortably on your bike, which will increase the risk of both of you crashing.

Strong suspension, strong brakes

Your suspension should be capable of carrying two passengers. Having an extra passenger without a strong suspension will increase the risk of you crashing. Your brakes will have to work twice as hard, too. The additional weight will make it harder to come to a complete stop due to the momentum.

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Big enough seats

According to some state laws, people who have an extra passenger on their motorbikes should have a separate seat for their companion. It is safer if you and your riding companion have your own seats for comfort and safety.

Educate your passenger

If your passenger is riding for the first time on a motorbike, it is your responsibility to teach them the safety guidelines. Be as detailed as possible because riding a motorcycle is totally different from sitting from being in a car.

Any sudden movements on a bike can cause you to crash. So, you should inform your passenger to sit still and avoid moving so much. You also need to inform them about turning. In motorbikes, making a turn at a corner requires you to lean over the side where you are turning. If your passenger does not know and tries to keep upright when you are turning, you might lose your balance.

Do not tailgate

It is always wise not to tailgate another vehicle, but it is especially important to remember this rule when you are with a passenger. When someone is riding with you, the additional weight makes it harder to come to a complete stop. You need ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you so that when you hit the brakes, you will have space to come to a complete stop.

These are just some of the things every rider should know before letting another passenger onto your motorcycle. Learn these rules, know more about other rules, and apply them to your riding experience so that you will be able to prevent any accidents. Also, make sure that you have motorcycle insurance from Chicago, IL or any other state in case you do encounter any accidents.

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