Preparation is the Key: What You Should Do Before Your Prom

Prom is everyone’s favorite “end of high school” event, and there is nothing like a great prom in either your own school or in a grand event’s venue.

This iconic milestone must be met with an iconic day full of preparation, though. Good thing, you can literally have everything and anything you will need for a day of luxury and fun. You are just one phone call away from booking a spa date, hair and makeup appointment, brunch and photo-op, and a fancy ride with a prom limousine service for the best night of your life.

Book your limousine

Choose from SUV to classic vintage cars to ride on for your prom. Simply call a trusted Miami prom limousine service and reserve your dream prom ride at least a week or two weeks before the date. The earlier you book your limousine, the better since limousine hires definitely run-out during the prom season.

Book your hair and makeup appointment

This, again, needs to be booked ahead of time (as soon as possible). You can either hire a hair and makeup team to go to your house on the day of the prom or book an appointment at your favorite hairdressers or barbers and beauty lounges in the city. If you can, try to have a trial round for your hair and makeup (at least three days before) to make sure everything is perfect on the day itself.

Plan the after party ahead of time

As the tradition goes, the party is never over once prom ends. Coordinate with your friends and plan the after party ahead of time. You can choose to rent out a venue and hire a DJ or find an affordable place with your own portable speakers. You can have a karaoke night, or book a hotel room for one big sleepover. The possibilities are endless, but you should definitely plan this all ahead of time.

Invest in a good photographer

Professional camera

If there is one thing you must do for prom, that is to hire a professional photographer to capture all of the best memories of the evening. This too can be shared between you and your friends. With a photographer, you will be able to get great shots during one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Extra tips to save money

One way for you to save money from all the expenses involved in prom is to do everything together with your friends. You can save more if you get your hair done in a package or have a bigger limousine shared between you and your peers. For added discounts, you can also look for prom season deals in your neighborhood or even online. The more discounts you can score, the cheaper the entire night will cost.

Your prom night should definitely be a night to remember. You would not want to be stressing over it the day (or days) before because you need your beauty rest. Prepare everything beforehand so everything will go smoothly.

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