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The pandemic forced airlines to reduce commercial flights as they saw passenger revenue decrease by around 55 percent compared to the previous year. The travel restrictions imposed by many countries around the world play a major role in this situation.

But a year after the health crisis started, it seems the industry is set to recover. People are starting to fly again, especially after the authorities administered around 320 million vaccine doses. This made aviation an appealing career option for people who love to travel.

People can choose to become a flight attendant or a pilot. While the easier way to travel while in the aviation industry is becoming a flight attendant, a pilot offers many more benefits if you want to start an aviation career.

Here are some tips you should consider if you want to learn how to fly a plane in the future.

Be Firm with the Decision

Before starting an aviation career, you should make sure about your decision. Becoming a pilot can be challenging, and you would not want to change your path in the middle of your journey. You should make sure to commit yourself to go through the hours required for training. To get the Airline Transport Pilot certificate, you need to have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time for a specific aircraft. Since it’s not easy to become a pilot, you should make sure you are firm with your decision.

Additionally, it will take time before you become a pilot since you have to go through several levels of training and certifications before being certified to fly a plane.

Learn to Pilot a Plane


You have several options if you plan to pilot a plane. The option you will take depends on your current situation. The first option is a flight school, which is categorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as either Part 61 or Part 141. Part 61 flight schools are not quite regulated by the FAA, and the flight instructor conducts the training according to his preference. These types of flight schools are typically informal and are not expensive.

On the other hand, the Part 141 flight school has a stricter training regimen that needs approval from the FAA. While the training method in these flight schools can be casual, the training pace can be fast. This means you need to be on top of your game to pass the requirements of this flight school.

Aside from flight schools, you can also opt to enroll at an aviation college or an aviation university. In these institutions, you get a four-year degree after going through their aviation program. The coursework in these institutions includes classes related to aviation designed for students who aim to become career pilots.

You can expect the quality of the training these institutions provide to be high. You will also use high-tech equipment and technology. Additionally, you will have professional experience before you finish the course. But the cost of enrolling in these institutions is high. You can look for a scholarship by joining professional aviation groups in your area.

An aviation academy gives you the chance to get certified and gain knowledge in the industry quickly. The programs of these academies typically last for one or two years. The aircraft training itself is intense. After you finish the coursework and training, you’ll receive your private pilot license or commercial pilot license depending on what course you enrolled in. Additionally, these academies work with airlines, so you can expect a job interview after you graduate.

The last option you have is to join the military and elect for a military aviation career. You won’t have to worry about the cost since the military will take care of it. You also can gain a lot of experience in flying different types of aircraft, especially large models. But the selection process is stringent, and you have to pass the physical and mental requirements of the service. Additionally, you have to stay with the military for at least ten years before joining the private sector.

Work on Getting Promoted

After joining an airline, you can start working on getting promoted by gaining more experience flying a plane. You should put in the time and learn from your seniors and captains so you’ll know what to do once you become a captain yourself. You should also understand that you have to go through several years of flying before getting promoted to captain.

Becoming a pilot takes a lot of patience and discipline. If you put in the work, you can expect to become the captain of your own aircraft in the future.

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