When Should You Take a Driver Improvement Course?

Many people take a driver improvement course for different reasons, like legal reasons, their driving records, and personal goals, as described in the video. Here are some of the instances when you should take a driving improvement course:

Violation of Traffic Rules

If found and charged for violating moving or non-moving traffic rules, such as reckless driving, a court may order you to take a driver improvement course as a sentence for a traffic offense to help reduce or reverse the charges or further penalties on your driver’s license.

Reduced Insurance Rates

Some insurance companies offer reduced rates as bonuses to drivers who have taken a driving improvement course as a way of appreciating them for being committed to safe driving. Some may even offer up to 5% discount on insurance rates.

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Improving Your Driver’s Skills

Besides traffic offenses or having zero points on your driver’s records, a driver improvement course covers topics like defensive driving skills, hazard awareness, and traffic laws, which are essential in making you a safe and responsible driver.

In summary, you can undergo a driver improvement course if you have violated traffic rules and have zero points in your driver’s record and want to perfect them. Also, a driving improvement course is vital if you want to enhance your driving skills in road safety and traffic laws.


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