Ways to Customize and Boost the Power of Your Jeep

“A Jeep is America’s only real sports car,” said Ferrari Grand Prix’s founder once. Aside from its extremely handsome and suave appearance, the vehicle is also resilient on rough terrains and boasts of a state-of-the-art engine even without modifications. But for auto aficionados, there will always be ways to further boost an engine’s performance, even if it’s already marketed as top-of-the-line or the best yet.

Customizing is also an option. Some like to use lift kits to make their Jeep cruise more easily on rocky terrains, while others like to have a different set of tires to optimize their safety on the road during harsh seasons like the winter.

That said, if you’d like to take the performance of your Jeep up a notch, these upgrades and customization ideas might interest you:

1. Exhaust System Upgrades

If you’re experienced in modifying your auto’s engines, you’d know how an increased horsepower impacts performance. Splurge on an exhaust system upgrade to get that extra horsepower and torque your Jeep deserves. Replace the existing drive shaft as well with a high-performance and trail-tested custom Jeep drive shaft. From these modifications, you’d end up with a boosted engine power that is worth bragging.

2. Customize the Top

The top of your jeep is one of its most versatile parts. You can have it removed if you enjoy open-air rides on summers, or swap its hard top for a soft one to reduce the rigidness of your Jeep. Soft tops are made of heavy-duty vinyl so you don’t have to worry about its toughness. Plus, your Jeep will look like it’s wearing a very manly jacket.

3. Add a Custom Tuner

If you have a Wrangler 3.6 or 3.8, you can dial in nearly every aspect of it with a custom tuner. The touchscreen device acts as the datalog of your Jeep, giving you clear readings of your modifications and driving preferences, which you can tune in according to your desired driving style.


4. Lift it Up

If you have a knack for trekking or hiking on rough, rocky terrains, your Jeep is an excellent companion for that, even more so if it’s lifted. Jeeps may be designed to endure harsh drives, but still, they aren’t immune to getting stuck in a muddy and slippery surface. Save yourself and your Jeep from that possible predicament by investing in a high-quality lift kit.

5. Change the Tires

Your tire choices, regardless of what vehicle you own, can be your lifesaver in wet roads. And because a Jeep isn’t cheap, it needs all the defense it can get against possible wreckage from slippery roads due to the rain or snow. Have a set of tires that have a great stopping power, so that your sudden hard brakes won’t cause your vehicle to hurtle and spin dangerously.

6. Upgrade Air Intake

Another way to increase torque and horsepower is to upgrade the air intake. You can have this done by simply just upgrading the air filter, but splurging on an aftermarket air intake kit will give your Jeep a stellar improvement on miles-per-gallon speed.

With these performance-boosting modifications, you’ll get the most of every drive and maximize the potential of your expensive vehicle.

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