When a DIY Solution Does More Damage to Your Windshield

It can happen to anyone on the road: you’re driving and the car in front of you spits up a small stone, hitting your windshield and resulting in a chip on the surface. Over time, the chip grows into a crack, which compromises the integrity of your windshield. The weaker your windshield becomes, the more serious the risk is to your safety.

One of the most common DIY fixes for such problems is “scoring” the glass, a method where you use a glass cutter to cut a small line at a perpendicular angle of the crack. This supposedly prevents the crack from growing, giving you more time to have it replaced.

It sounds like a promising DIY, but is it better than having Indianapolis experts repair your windshields ASAP?

The Issues Concerning Glass Scoring

The problem with scoring is two-fold. The first concern is that the crack can only be the approximate length of a dollar bill. Most cracks grow quickly so if the crack is longer than this length (and it most likely will be before you notice it), then glass scoring isn’t an option.

The second issue is that scoring the glass opens the surface area more for debris and dirt to fill in, eventually working their way across the glass. Dirt and debris cause the glass’s crack to expand.

A DIY Solution is Possible

Fortunately, you don’t have to replace your windshield immediately. Instead of scoring the glass, you can buy a filling chemical spray to fill in the crack. The treatment will fill the crack with a substance containing grains of glass (similar to the ones your glass lost due to the crack. You can also use windshield repair kits available in auto repair shops.

Larger cracks, however, will require replacement of your windshields. You’ll need professionals to do the work for you.

Why Experts Should Handle Your Auto-Glass Repair

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Some types of windshield damage warrant a full replacement. Some cracks and chips are easy to replace or repair on your own but it could take longer. An auto glass professional only takes a few minutes to address the damage. Also, if the damage is irreversible and a complete replacement is necessary, a professional can help you decide what to do.

Apart from the assurance of improvement in the state of your car, other benefits that come with hiring a professional include:

  • Avoiding injuries. You can injure yourself when you try to score the glass. Auto repair professionals use proper tools and equipment, as well as practice safety precautions
  • Avoiding mismatches. Different types of auto glass repairs require different chemicals, tools, and spare parts. Only professionals have complete knowledge of these details. Instead of trying to figure out the repair on your own, it’s best to entrust your car to the professionals.
  • Avoiding further damage. Auto glass repairs are not isolated processes. The repair can affect the whole windshield, which may require more than just a replacement. Some DIY jobs can ruin the interior components or the paint of your car, as well.

Scoring your car’s windshield might seem like an easy DIY solution. Instead of taking a shortcut, however, it’s wiser to take your car to a professional service provider.

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